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HealthSmart PHSP Administration Ltd. is a Canadian company providing small and medium sized Ontario businesses access to Private Health Services Plans (PHSPs).

Businesses With Employees

For businesses with more than one employee, we offer a hassle-free, health plan. You control the costs of this plan, and can offer your employees as much coverage as you would like, for a fixed, low fee.

We provide claims submission directly to HealthSmart, significantly reducing your overhead and offering you improved privacy as your employee's medical information is sent directly to HealthSmart rather than through your offices.

HealthSmart also remits all taxes Ontario companies are responsible for when offering a PHSP.

Self-employed Individuals and

Businesses Without Employees

If you are looking at a PHSP for a business with no employees, or are self-employed a PHSP administered through HealthSmart allows virtually all the medical expenses submitted to the plan become tax deductible, resulting in substantial tax savings for you and your family.

Our claims process is easy, and we remit all taxes that Ontario businesses using PHSPs are responsible for.

More Information

For more information on how PHSPs work and how they can benefit you, your family, or your employees, continue on to our section on how PHSPs work

Please explore our site to determine if our services are well suited to your needs. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop us a line.